La Rescue 13 est une competition de sauvetage sportif organisée par le club de l'AMSA Martigues. Elle a été crée en 2005 et elle est un rendez vous incontournable chez les sauveteurs sportifs. 


Ce sport regroupe plusieurs spécialités inspirées du sauvetage côtier professionnel, avec des épreuves dans l’eau et sur la plage. Plus qu’un sport, il incarne des valeurs citoyennes et un état d’esprit.
Cette compétition accueille à chaque édition les meilleurs sauveteurs de la région et des sauveteurs internationaux. Cette année, la RESCUE13 sera l'étape finale de l'Euro Beachflags Tour.
La RESCUE13 c’est plus de 100 compétiteurs, 40 bénévoles, 14 clubs représentés venant de toute la France. Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier national FFSS et elle est qualificative pour les Championnats de France de sauvetage côtier.


La competition se déroulera sur la Plage de La Couronne sur la Commune de Martigues dans les Bouches-du-Rhône en Provence.

How to get there

Plage du Verdon, Commune de La Couronne 13500 Martigues


RESCUE13 is organized by the Association Méditerranéenne de  Sauvetage Aquatique (l'AMSA) and is listed in the FFSS national competition calendar. The competition will take place on the week-end of  19 & 20 october 2019 and includes both individual and team events.



Registration and Categories


RESCUE 13 is open for all athletes registered by the F.F.S.S. for the 2019-2020 season, and athletes  registered by any of ILS Member Organisations. Minor athletes should be accompanied by a responsible adult. In each sex category there are 2 age categories starting by minime (incl.)  onwards.


Competition Programme


Saturday 19 october 2019

Plage du Verdon, La Couronne. Opening at ________. Marshalling at _________ .

Afternoon :

Junior, senior and master : BeachFlags ( Euro Beachflags Tour Final), Run Swim Run and Board Race.

Minime and cadet : BeachFlags and Run Swim Run.


Sunday 20 october 2019

Plage du Verdon, La Couronne. Marshaling à ______.

Junior, senior and master : Oceanman M-SHAPE, Surf Race and Surf Ski race.

Minime and cadet : Combiné, Surf Race, Board Race.

5:00PM : end of the competition


Rules and Regulations

 Each event will be run with accordance to FFSS Rules in force on the day of competition, except for these 2 events :

  • Oceanman long distance : The racing circuit will be « M » shaped and will be twice the distance of a regular oceanman event.

  • Taplin « Haribo » Relay : Teams of 4 will be made on the spot. It is allowed to mix teams regardless of club affiliation. The result of this event will not be counted into overall individual ranking. There will be a separate victory ceremony for this event.


Rankings and  Victory ceremonies


Individual ranking: the 6 best athletes of the category Junior, senior and Master (male and female).


Heat Lists & Marking


Each competitor must be clearly marked on his arm and hand with the number assigned to him by the organizer. Startlists by category and by events will be provided based on the entries. Each competitor must confirm his participation in an event no later than 1 hour prior to this event.  Heat lists will be based on the startlist and will be announced after the confirmation mentioned earlier in this paragraph.  




Competitors should ensure that they have all necessary equipment before proceeding the registration. Each club must organize their own equipment circulation in the team so as not to disrupt the smooth running of the competition. No departure will be delayed for this reason. Personal material should meet the ILS equipment standards. Rescue caps with tether straps and club lycras are mandatory for all competitors during all events (from start to finish). Lycras of all club members must be identical.



Registration fee :
                  Minimes/Cadets 20 euros per competitor for all events

                  Juniors/Seniors/Masters 25 euros per competitor for all events


Registration will be approved as soon as the payment has been made.


Welcome package : Each registered athlete will be entitled to a promotional package.

Cancellation Policy

The organizing commitee reserves the right to make changes to the event schedule OR cancel the whole event due to security reasons. In this case all participation fees will be refunded by the organisation commitee.

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